Designing PROTACS for HIV-TAT using deep learning and molecular modeling methods

Expert: Dr. Sefer Baday

PeptiSyn is a company focussed on the production of peptides, both on a large and small scale, which are widely used in biomedical, medical, chemical, cosmetic, and other related areas. The company carry out a project aimed to develop PROTAC molecule for TAT which is a pivotal protein in the life cycle of the HIV virus and drastically enhances the efficiency of viral infection. If the development is realized, the company aims to cope with opportunistic infections, increase the patient’s quality of life and reduce the risk of death from HIV/AIDS. The company benefit AI and molecular modelling tools on HPC platform for the development of the molecules. NCC Türkiye will provide both academic expertise for AI tools and molecular dynamic simulations and free HPC resources from TRUBA during the PoC conducted with this company.