Qulak AI Services in Education

Expert: Muhammet Gökhan Cinsdikici

KC-TEK ArGe Bilişim is a company that was established in Bilkent CyberPark in 2011 and today continues its R&D activities in the field of “Digital Education Technologies” in the Istanbul Technology Development Zone (İstanbul Bilişim Vadisi). It operates in the IT sector with the aim of developing software focused on the main domain of “Online Secure Exam Proctoring System”.

During the Covid-19 period, exams all over the world had to be done remotely and online. Thus, the exams were conducted in “unproctored” and “insecure” conditions. Therefore, it has become necessary for the exams to be administered more secure within the framework of digital education technologies and to monitor whether these exams contain violations or not. Artificial Intelligence supported “Online Secure Exam” and “Exam Assessment” systems need to be developed.

In the process of analyzing thousands of recorded video frames at the same time; the computational complexity, huge training data size, and the responsiveness of the artificial intelligence modules (i.e. Deep Learning Models) to be used gain importance. Classical server-side CPU usage is not sufficient for the modules to be used to solve this problem. In addition, the use of the classical server-side GPU is also not sufficient to produce the expected response to a massive load. Besides, the huge amount of the data to be processed can not be handled at limited classical server-side GPU memory. Therefore, the platforms constructed by multi-GPU’s such as TRUBA are needed to meet the HPC (High-Performance Computing) and/or HPDA (High-Performance Data Analytics) needs. For this reasons, within the scope of EuroCC, the company will use the HPC platform for the solution of the “Online Secure Exam Proctoring System Assessment based on Artificial Intelligence” problem.