Analysis of Legal Documents Related to Social Media Requests using Artificial Intelligence

Experts: Enver Özdemir, Oğuzhan Külekçi, Belgin Övet, Erva Marangoz, Kübra Nari

Definex is a new generation company which builts upon delivering very demanding visions of the customers through challenging business and technology transformation projects.

With the rapid increase in the use of social media, the number of requests made by the users of these related platforms and legal processes such as lawsuits and investigations are increasing. The process of examining social media users’ complaints about other users is quite tedious. And the process of reviewing the legal documents containing the pages of the actions/arguments made and/or requested to be done regarding these complaints is quite time consuming for legal experts (especially for paralegals). The problem they aim to solve is to automate the processes of examining these legal documents with the help of artificial intelligence.