Public Transport Timetable Optimization on HPC

Expert: Cevat Şener 

Parabol Yazılım has been carrying out R&D activities in the intelligent transportation systems sector since 2011. Parabol has also been developing Cermoni as a public transportation (PT) decision support system, to help improve the public transportation system in cities by making informed decisions based on mobility analysis.

Optimizing public transport and exploring passenger mobility requires handling large amounts of data, solving complex combinatorial optimization problems, and dealing with uncertainty. Effective and scalable processing of high volumes of multidimensional data produced in public transport systems is one of the biggest problems.

This case study aims to improve the timetable optimization algorithm. This algorithm tries to find the solution that best meets the OD requirement of the city with the number of vehicles and drivers available. Although what is desired is to transport the maximum number of passengers at the right time and with minimum delay, it won’t be easy to digitize and return it to a single function. Hence, an HPC infrastructure is needed to alleviate and solve these difficulties. The company plans to port and run the optimization algorithm on the national infrastructure TRUBA and make it parallel using Dask.

Please click here to view the results of the case study carried out with Parabol.