Code Modernization for Glass Industry

Experts: Bekir Bediz, Kamer Kaya

Şişecam is one of the largest glass manufacturers in Europe. The company fabricates glass products using custom-made furnaces. To design these furnaces, they use a simulation framework that traces the glass particles. In a nutshell, the longer the particles stay inside the furnace, the better the quality of the product.

ŞİŞECAM has an in-house built code for unique processes in Fortran but the code requires an old Operating System and Fortran compiler. They are currently using smaller models to make the process faster and want to increase the size to have more accurate simulations. After the previous case study, they agreed on converting the whole codebase to C++ and decided to allocate engineer(s) for this. In this case study, NCC Turker will help them to convert the software to a modern architecture and discuss/recommend parallelization strategies on a multicore system with OpenMP.

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