Within the scope of the EuroCC Project, NCC Türkiye publish the results of Proof of Concepts (PoCs) of the companies who develop time and cost-effective solutions using High-Performance Computing resources as Success Stories.

Please click on the links below to view the booklets featuring NCC Türkiye’s success stories that are posted on the FF4EuroHPC and EuroCC Access pages.



The Success Stories carried out in the first phase of the EuroCC Project (01.09.2020 and 31.12.2022) and EuroCC 2 Project are listed below.



EuroCC 2 – Customizing Scene in Virtual Environments using Neural Networks

VLMedia (2014) is a rapidly growing, mobile-focused team reaching millions of smartphone users with social network projects, which are available on AppStore, Google Play, and Web platforms. Their main office is located at ODTÜ Teknokent (Ankara). VLMedia has more than ...
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EuroCC 2 – Training Large-Scale Models for Speech-to-Text Recognition

Erste (2017), located in Ankara-Türkiye, is a software engineering SME focusing on international R&D projects. It has a wide range of expertise in mobile-device management, predictive maintenance, digital twins, Internet of Things (IoT)-based intelligent port management, smart-software-powered manufacturing environments, blockchain-based ...
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Artiwise-Nested Named Entity Recognition via Language Model Based Neural Architecture

Founded in 2015, Artiwise has been helping companies improve their customer satisfaction by providing actionable insights. By consolidating all customer communication channels in a single platform, Artiwise enables companies to understand the sentiment of their customers. Artiwise is the first ...
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Parabol-Timetable Optimization in Public Transport

Parabol (paraboly.com) has been conducting R&D activities in Intelligent Transportation Systems since 2011. They have been developing a public transportation (PT) analysis platform (cermoni.app) to analyze public transport (PT) demand in a city and to make more efficient PT investment ...
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EYS-High Efficiency Impeller Design for Wastewater Pumps through High Fidelity CFD Simulations

EYS strives to offer practical solutions to organics recycling problems by putting to use their knowledge and experience in manure management, dewatering and composting solutions. The company offers innovative and quality products to shape the future of environmental and agricultural ...
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Şişecam-Code Modernization for the Glass Industry

As one of the most powerful industrial conglomerates in Turkey, Şişecam is a global player in all key areas of the glass industry. It is internationally renowned for its ever-growing production power, highly reputable brand image, superior product quality, and ...
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Erste Software-Enabling HPC Usage for Expensive ML Tasks on Manufacturing Environments

Erste Software is an SME founded in 2017 in Ankara, Turkey. Its focus is smart environments, and its main expertise is on Internet of Things and Big Data solutions. Despite being a young SME, Erste employs an experienced R&D team that ...
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Parabol-Public Transport Analysis on HPC Infrastructure

This success story results from a case study led by METU and TRUBA in collaboration with an SME, Parabol, located in METU’s Technopark. Parabol (paraboly.com) has been carrying out R&D activities in the intelligent transportation systems sector since 2011. By ...
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Machinetutors-Large Scale Real-Time Image Content Moderation

Founded in 2010, Machinetutors provides machine learning consultancy and customized AI software development services. Machinetutors empowers businesses all over the world by solving real-world problems. Machinetutors has two products; mtDATA, a data collection and annotation services platform, and mtAPI, SaaS ...
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ErikTronik-The multiphysics experiments of the Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF) on precipitation patterns of Turkey

The collaboration between the METU research team and Eriktronik SME was based upon a European Union (EU) project proposal. After our EU project was rejected at the second stage for the second time due to limited funding availability, we were ...
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DSTECH-Simulation-Optimisation of a Patented Design with Parallel Computing on TRUBA cluster – Design-Optimisation of a Disinfection System

Design and Simulation Technologies (DSTECH) Inc. is an SME company supplying and services with customers in the solution of complex engineering problems encountered in different disciplines such as Environment, Energy, and Aerospace sciences. DSTECH develops and employs open-source platforms for ...
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Nanografi – Improving the Efficiency of the Graphene-Enhanced Polymer Composite Production via Classical Molecular Dynamics

This success story is a result of a case study conducted by METU in collaboration with an SME (Nanografi) located in METU’s Technopark. METU is a publicly-funded university with approximately 30000 students. It is considered both a teaching and a ...
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