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PRACE SHAPE (SME HPC Adoption Programme in Europe) aims to raise awareness and provide European SMEs with the expertise necessary to take advantage of the innovation possibilities created by High-Performance Computing (HPC), thus increasing their competitiveness. The programme allows SMEs to benefit from the expertise and knowledge developed within the top-class PRACE Research Infrastructure.

For more information on SHAPE calls, please visit the PRACE SHAPE web page.

Identifier: FF4EuroHPC Call-2
Call title: Second call for FF4EuroHPC application experiments
Project full name: HPC Innovation for European SMEs

Submission language: English

Submission Deadline: 29th September 2021, at 17:00 Brussels local time

Duration of experiments (project): Maximum 15 months with expected commencement 1st March 2022

Maximum funding request per proposal: € 200.000 (covering all participants)

E-mail: ff4eurohpc-calls@scapos-tools.de

For full open call information: https://www.ff4eurohpc.eu/calls

Expectations: Create publishable success stories based on solving real-world SME problems that clearly describe the business benefits realized or achieved.

FF4EuroHPC Call-2 targets leading-edge experiments and work plans involving agile SMEs centered on innovatory goals derived from the use of advanced HPC services. Within this call, the manufacturing & engineering SMEs and SMEs who are new to the advanced HPC environment will be given higher priority. When the experiment (project) is successfully finalized, this will lead to a success story encouraging the industry community.

The project aims to reach a wide geographical distribution of participants. The selection process will include a mechanism aimed at incorporating high-scoring proposals from European countries other than organizations already receiving funding as a result of the FF4EuroHPC Call-1(Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, Spain, and the United Kingdom).

Experiments should address business challenges of manufacturing from European SMEs across a wide range of application domains. The main idea behind FF4EuroHPC is to show SMEs how they can greatly take advantage of utilizing HPC services (for example, modeling & simulation, data analytics, machine learning, and AI, and possible combinations) and therefore benefit from this innovative ICT (Information and Communications Technology) solutions for their business benefit. Research-focused business models are not within the context of this call; although, as in the case of computer-aided drug design (such as relating to the pandemic), a high European scientific and societal impact might be shown.

There are restrictions for the leading SME participant like the staff headcount and turnover or balance sheet total. Therefore, check the link in the note to see if your organization qualifies as an SME. However, if an additional commercial/industrial organization is one of the other participants in the proposal consortium, these limits would not apply.

The total budget allocated for each experiment is € 200.000. The maximum funding allocated to any Third Party, across all experiments in which that Third Party is involved (including any experiments selected under Call-1), is € 150.000. Proposals to FF4EuroHPC Call-2 that do not adhere to the abovementioned funding restrictions (proposal maximum funding of € 200,000; max. aggregated funding of an organisation by the project of € 150,000) will be rejected without further evaluation.

FF4EuroHPC will not provide computing resources; thereby, define your resource needs and make a budget for them possibly using computing resources provided directly by the EuroHPC JU, PRACE, or through national services. The NCC may be able to give assistance with the selection of appropriate resources and the application process.

The criteria for evaluation will cover:

  1. Impact including industrial relevance and exploitation plans;
  2. Soundness of concept, innovation, and quality of the work plan;
  3. Quality of the consortium as a whole and of the individual proposers;
  4. Effective and justified deployment of resources.

For details please visit https://www.ff4eurohpc.eu/en/open-calls/check-list/

The failure to adhere to the funding restrictions and to the proposal format instructions, your proposal will be rejected immediately. An evaluation summary report will be presented at the end of the evaluation process. The decision is final; therefore, no objections to this report will be accepted.

Submission Rules: Each proposal must comprise 2 parts: Part A (containing administrative information) & Part B (containing the body of the proposal). For further information visit https://www.ff4eurohpc.eu/en/open-calls/submission/

Note: To check if your company is an SME, please visit


For further information, please visit the project web page:

Announcement and Proposers Guide

Useful links:

Frequently Asked Questions: https://www.ff4eurohpc.eu/en/open-calls/faq/

FF4EuroHPC Call-2: Proposer-Evaluator Check-List: https://www.ff4eurohpc.eu/en/open-calls/check-list/

FF4EuroHPC Open-Call-1 Accepted Experiments: https://www.ff4eurohpc.eu/en/experiments/

Fortissimo & Fortissimo 2 Success Stories: https://www.fortissimo-project.eu/en/success-stories/

FF4EuroHPC YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwLI9lPVN-0lQ5KDqKVc2ig/videos