Simulation Optimization of a Patented Design with Parallel Computing on TRUBA Cluster

Expert: Ender Demirel

Infrastructure Expert: Sefa Arslan

Design and Simulation Technologies (DSTECH) Inc. provides services for the solution of complex engineering problems encountered in different engineering disciplines such as environment, energy, and aerospace sciences. DSTECH intends to optimize a design patented by the European Patent Office for the efficiency enhancement of a disinfection system in potable water treatment plants. DSTECH develops an augmented simulation-optimization framework using Dakota, OpenFoam, and Python for the automatic optimization of the patented design. With the assistance of NCC Turkey’s expertise, numerical simulations are performed on the national HPC infrastructure TRUBA.

Case Study Progress: Treatment of surface waters in large cities has become a critical point of interest for governments. Raw water is mixed with the disinfectant in a multi-chambered contact tank at the last stage of the treatment procedure to remove viruses and pathogens from the water. Although an efficient contact system is required for the effective disinfection of water with less disinfectant and energy usage, conventional mixing systems suffer from low mixing and high energy requirements due to the recirculation effects and short-circuiting that occurred inside the chambers.

The DSTECH team has invented a slot-baffle design to improve the system’s mixing efficiency by increasing interaction between two adjacent chambers. However, an intense computational resource and time are required for the optimization of the design. DSTECH has optimized the slot-baffle design using an augmented simulation-optimization framework on national HPC infrastructure TRUBA resources.

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