Please click for information about training organized within the scope of EuroCC 2 Project. 

(11-13).09.2023 EuroCC 2 – Mastering Transformers: From Building Blocks to Real-World Applications
(5.08-3-09).2023 EuroCC 2- Applications for Computational Fluid Dynamics
(22-25).06.2023 EuroCC 2 -BAYÖYO 2023: Science Academy – Sabancı University – Istanbul Technical University Artificial Learning Summer School
22.03.2023 EuroCC 2- How to analyze the evolutionary conservation of amino acids
13.10.2022-14.10.2022 Cyber Security Training
6.08.2022-7.08.2022 EuroCC@Turkey AI in Medical Image Understanding
28.07.2022-29.07.2022 EuroCC@Turkey Electronic Structure Calculations with Atomic Simulation Environment
15.06.2022-16.06.2022 Introduction to CUDA Programming
28.04.2022 High Performance CFD using OpenFOAM
26.04.2022-27.04.2022 PARALLEL COMPUTING on GPUs with CUDA
24.03.2022 EuroCC@Turkey CFD Training Series -2: OpenFOAM
07.03.2022-09.03.2022 EuroCC@Turkey BlokChain
15.02.2022 EuroCC@Turkey Applications of AI for Anomaly Detection – NVIDIA DLI
14.02.2022 EuroCC@Turkey Fundamentals of Deep Learning – NVIDIA DLI
13.01.2022-14.01.2022 EuroCC@Turkey CFD Training Series -1: Applications with Code_Saturne
17.11.2021-20.11.2021 EuroCC@Turkey Graph School
23.08.2021-24.08.2021 EuroCC@Turkey Summer School: Big Data and Graph Deep Learning

EuroCC@Turkey Computational Fluid Dynamics Summer School

08.02.2021-13.02.2021 EuroCC@Turkey High Performance Computing Winter School