DateProject Short NameProject NameType
2023-2025EuroCC 2National Competence Centres in the framework of EuroHPC Phase 2Digital Europe
2023-2025GraspOSGraspOS: next Generation Research Assessment to Promote Open Science Horizon Europe
2022-2025EuroScienceGatewayLeveraging the European compute infrastructures for data-intensive research guided by FAIR principles Horizon Europe
2022-2025iMagineImaging data and services for aquatic science Horizon Europe
2022-2025EUMaster4HPCEuropean Master for High Performance ComputingH2020
2021-2023EGI-ACE EGI Advanced Computing for EOSCH2020
2020-2022EuroCC National Competence Centres in the framework of EuroHPCH2020
2019-...TRUBA 2023TRUBA 2023National RI
2012-2019TRUBATRUBA StrengtheningNational RI
2015-2016Environmental Orthophoto ProjectRepublic of Turkey the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization General Directorate of Geographic Information Systems True Orthophoto and Geospatial Data Generation ProjectNational
2011-2013TDVMEarthquake Data Center of TurkeyNational RI
2009-2011TR-Grid Re-ISTR-Grid Research e-Infrastructure StrengtheningNational RI
2006-2007TUGATurkish National Grid Infrastructure ProjectNational RI
2018-....EOSC-hubServices for the European Open Science CloudH2020
2015-2017EGI-EngageEngaging the EGI Community towards an Open Science CommonsH2020
2011-2014PRACE-2IPThe Partnership for Advanced Computing in EuropeFP7

2010-2014e-IRG SP3e-IRG Support ProgrammeFP7
Sustainability of eInfrastructures Across the MedditeranenanFP7
2009-2012SEERA-EI South East European Research Area for eInfrastructuresFP7
2010-2014EGI-InSPIREIntegrated Sustainable Pan-European Infrastructure for Researchers in EuropeFP7
2008-2010EGEE-IIIEnabling Grids for e-Science-IIIFP7
2008-2010SEE-GRID-SCISEE-GRID eInfrastructure for Regional eScienceFP7
2006-2008SEE-GRID-2South Eastern European Grid-enabled elnfrastructure DevelopmentFP6

2006-2008EGEE-II Enabling Grids for e-Science-IIFP6
2006-2008EUMedGrid Empowering eScience Across the MediterraneanFP6
2004-2006SEE-GRIDSouth Eastern European Grid-enabled elnfrastructure DevelopmentFP6