Turkish National Science e-Infrastructure Strengthening Project

Turkish National Science e-Infrastructure (TRUBA) Strengthening Project aims to meet the high-performance computing, distributed computing, and scientific data warehouse needs of researchers who carry out their studies in Turkey. The project serves as the advanced continuation of the TR-Grid Research e-Infrastructure Strengthening Project (TR-Grid ReIS). the motivation created technically and administratively within the TR-Grid ReIS framework during this project shall be continued and increased; and resources of computation and storage to be created, equal with the significant centers in Europe shall be formed to be used by the national researchers.

The project has three objectives:

  • Strengthening of computation and storage resources of TRUBA;

  • Expanding the scope of the project models created with various centers and research groups in TRUBA and creating country-wide standards and national e-Infrastructure with road maps;

  • Integrating TRUBA with the new technological developments in e-Infrastructure.

The project is being carried out in line with the three main objectives indicated above, by the TUBİTAK ULAKBİM. Further information regarding resources and usage of TRUBA may be obtained from http://wiki.truba.gov.tr