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09.12.2021 HPC-based optimization of polymer composites for SME applications


Hande Toffoli (METU)
11.11.2021 Using the TRUBA Infrastructure for Text Analysis Problems: Case Study Experience Sharing


Pinar Karagoz (METU)
Can Erogul (SOMERA)
16.09.2021 Using Workflow Manager in High-Performance Compute Clusters


Ogün Adebali (SU)
17.06.2021 Applying Efficient, High-Performance Computing in Drug Discovery


İlke Uğur Marion (METU and Meddenovo)
10.06.2021 Computational Approaches to the Design of Novel Molecules      


Nihan Çelebi (Yeditepe University)
20.05.2021 Solving Chemical Problems with High-Performance Computations: How to Model the Behavior of Electrons in Reactions?


Yavuz Dede (Gazi University)
29.04.2021 Computer-Aided Rational Drug Design


Esin Akı Yalçın (Ankara University)
22.04.2021 Charge Transfer and Transport Processes in Molecule-Substrate Systems: A Theoretical Perspective


Pedro B. Coto (Materials Physics Center, Spanish NRC, Donostia International Physics Center)
17.04.2021 How Can We Measure Brand Value and Marketing Effects with Big Data?


Ayşe Akçura (eBrandValue)
08.04.2021 Artificial Intelligence-Based Approaches in the Analysis of Biological and Biomedical Data


Tunca Doğan (Hacettepe University)
01.04.2021 High-Performance Computing in Computational Biochemistry


Mehmet Özbil (Gebze Technical University)
13.03.2021 Interpretability in Machine Learning


İlker Birbil (Erasmus University)
06.03.2021 Application of ReaxFF potential for 2-D materials


Nadire Nayır (Penn State University)
06.02.2021 Supercomputers in the Automotive Industry


Necmettin Kaya (BU University)
Fırat Aras (TOFAŞ)
30.01.2021 Social Bot Detection with Botometer


Onur Varol (SU)
23.01.2021 Turkish National e-Science e-Infrastructure (TRUBA) for Beginners


Hakan Bayındır (TUBITAK ULAKBIM)
16.01.2021 Machine Learning for Big Data


Ahmet Demirelli (SU)
09.01.2021 Turkish National e-Science e-Infrastructure (TRUBA) FAQs


02.01.2021 An Overview of EuroCC Project

High-Performance Graph Analysis


Burcu Ortakaya (TUBITAK ULAKBIM)
Kamer Kaya (SU)
19.12.2020 An Overview of EuroCC Project

High-Performance Computing in Materials Science

Burcu Ortakaya (TUBITAK ULAKBIM)
Hande Toffoli (METU)